What's With the Time Delays in ARE 5.0?


There is nothing more nerve-wracking than sitting down to take a newly launched exam, only to find that there seems to be a time delay when switching from one question to the next!!

What's happening?! Am I losing time?! Is there something wrong with my testing station?! 

We all know that feeling of panic on a timed test. 

As it turns out...NCARB actually does know all about this "issue". NCARB's Director of Exams, Jared Zurn, actually touched upon the topic in an interview. Apparently, the new ARE 5.0 is a web-based exam with a server-cloud system. That means when you sit down in the Prometric Testing Center and begin the test, you are actually accessing a web page on a cloud inside the server. 

As we have heard, many candidates are experiencing a one-to-two second delay as they move from one question to the next because of this server-cloud system. NCARB test writers actually knew that this would happen with the new system and built it into the timing of the exam! What they didn't know was how much the slight delay would alarm test takers. 

When testing the exam before its release, the designers of the exam knew about the delay, fully expected it, and were comfortable with it, knowing they accounted for it in the timing of the exam. However, they didn't communicate it to testing candidates at all. So, when ARE 5.0 launched, testers had no idea and didn't expect it...leading them to think something was drastically wrong. 

So now you know...if you experience any slight delays in 5.0, nothing is wrong and you are not actually losing time on your exam. Stay calm and keep plugging along. 

 For more information regarding the ARE 5.0, check out our other posts, and visit the NCARB website!