The Score Waiting Game is Over


Anyone that has tested in the ARE 4.0 version understands the anxious feeling of waiting 1+ weeks to receive their exam score.

It's bad enough getting through test day...then comes the waiting game: days upon days of re-hashing the exam in your head. "Did I answer that question right? Did I pass? I probably failed. What about that question I answered in the last 20 seconds?"

For most people, forgetting about the exam while you wait for your score is an impossibility. 

Enter ARE 5.0!

On November 1, 2017, NCARB opened a new option to 5.0 test-takers.

In a recent update, Jared Zurn, director of exams at NCARB, explained that at the end of the exam time, the candidate will complete a survey. Once the survey is completed, the candidate can opt to view their "provisional feedback".

This "provisional feedback", displayed on the candidates testing computer screen, will "inform candidates of their overall likelihood to pass or fail the division". 

NCARB states that the "feedback provided at the test center is fully accurate but not official."

Meaning, you will basically know whether or not you passed before leaving the test center, but you won't be getting an official score printout to take home.

You will still have to wait a couple of days to get your official score report. But, it is still way better than the 1+ week of waiting time 4.0 candidates have.

If you opt to not view your "provisional feedback", you will just wait the few days to see your score in the official score report.

For more information regarding the ARE 5.0, check out our other posts, and visit the NCARB website!