4.0 vs 5.0: Timing


Whether you are starting to test in the ARE 5.0 version, or deciding whether or not to switch from 4.0 to 5.0, there are many questions about the difference between the two. 

So...is there a big difference in the amount of time given to test takers? There is a slight change, but you may or may not notice it. 

In the 4.0 version of the ARE, depending on who you speak to, test takers would most likely be finishing the exam with time to spare, and to go back and check answers or contemplate "iffy" questions, or just leave the exam early. 

NCARB's Director of Exams, Jared Zurn, says that while designing the new 5.0 version of the exam, NCARB conducted time studies to "right size" the test. Meaning, they adjusted the time given to what they truly think candidates will need to complete each test. 

NCARB also took the new 5.0 question types into account. They realize that certain questions, the case studies in particular, will most likely require more time than others.

So...if you are taking a 5.0 exam and finish every question with only 1 minute to spare...don't freak out! That is how NCARB intended it. It doesn't mean that you took too long to complete the questions and must not have done well. You're most likely right on track. 

For more information regarding the ARE 5.0, check out our other posts, and visit the NCARB website!