The Best Strategy for ARE 5.0 Case Studies


Case studies. They're new...uncharted territory...what's the best way to tackle them? 

Each case study is typically made up of about 10 to 15 questions. It also includes several resources for the candidate to review and reference while answering the questions. 

When approaching these questions, we think it's a good idea to first take a quick look at what resources have been provided in that particular case study. Each one can be quite don't read them yet, just look at what you have to work with. Are there Contract Documents? Code? Soils reports? Zoning information? 

Once you take a quick look at what documents you have, then skim through the questions associated with that case study. It's good to have an idea in your head of what kinds of questions are being asked overall before you start searching for information, etc. 

After skimming the questions, head back over to the resources and start finding answers. 

With this approach, you aren't wasting time up front reading all of the documents when you may not need all of them in order to answer the questions. 

Keep in mind, it is expected that these questions take you longer to answer. NCARB typically puts the case studies towards the end of the exam because they know it will take more time to get through.

Stay calm and take it step by step. You've got this! 

For more tips on getting through the ARE, download our free ARE Playbook: a step-by-step guide to pass the ARE faster!