Architectural History in ARE 5.0


Notable architects, engineers, and designers...methods and materials that changed the history of architecture...buildings that still inspire us today. Architectural history is an important part of becoming a well rounded designer. 

A common question is, "what kind of architectural history questions will I get on the ARE...and how many will there be?" 

On the ARE 4.0 exam, candidates often get a couple of architectural history questions per test. They often refer to a specific building and/or the architect that designed it. On the new ARE 5.0 it is more likely to get questions referring to a design feature of a building or the style of building, rather than the name of the architect and year it was built. 

Of course, you could study different buildings for months and the question you receive could be about the one building you hadn't come across yet. It is important to keep everything in perspective. There is alot to know for these exams. We think it is wise to do an architectural history review before each test, but not to waste tons of precious study time on trying to memorize every notable building known to man. 

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Happy Studying!